Nascar vs Indycar Racing

Indycar Vs Nascar

Have you ever wondered what the main differences are between Nascar and Indycar?  The two offer totally different styles of driving and feature completely different, but powerful race cars.  It has long been debated as to whether Nascar racing or Indycar racing is more challenging, however there simply is no right or wrong answer to this as both require an immense amount of skill from the drivers and support staff.  As far as entertainment value, it’s really all about your personal preference.  My personal preference is Indycar due to the elements of turning and braking in the races. The following infographic compares Nascar to Indycar racing and although it does not touch all of the differences, it does cover some of the more interesting ones. For more stats and facts on Nascar vs Indycar watch the informative videos below the graphic.

NASCAR vs INDY Car Racing

Videos on Indycar Vs Nascar Racing:


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Which motorsport takes more guts?

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