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Supercars vs Hypercars – What are Hypercars?

Hypercars vs Supercars

As a personal preference, we don’t really use the term “hypercar” while we prefer supercar as a catchall term to describe ultra exotic high-performance cars.  Nevertheless, many exotic car fanatics insist that there should be a distinction between the two and continue using the two terms when they deem it appropriate. We know the basic definition of a hypercar as defined and accepted by most car guys, but first let’s start with the meaning of what is a supercar.

We would consider the definition of a supercar to be an eye catching factory stock car which accelerates faster and is more expensive than at least 98% of the other cars manufactured in the same year.  Although this supercar definition is what we believe to be acceptable, it is subjective and therefore widely disputed among performance car enthusiasts. Take for instance the awesome Ariel Atom which has neck snapping acceleration, but can be acquired for as little as $60,000 new. It’s a qualified supercar for its radical eye catching appearance and acceleration factors, but falls short on the stratospheric price element. This is merely one example of many that stir controversy with car nuts as to what the hard line definition is for a supercar and hypercar. Some car enthusiasts would argue that modified cars such as the Hennessey Venom 1000TT Dodge Viper should qualify as a supercar.  We disagree and believe that only factory stock high-performance cars should meet the criteria.  Finally, still other enthusiasts believe that proper supercars can’t be based on the body of lesser models and must be built on a dedicated platform.  For example, the Aston Martin V12 Vantage and Porsche GT2 on our list below would not qualify under this perspective.

The term hypercar seems to be used more and more each year.  We simply define a hypercar as a top-tier supercar that bests all or most of the elements of standard supercars including, but not limited to, acceleration, price, rarity, handling, top speed, sound and appearance.  As with supercars, there is also much debate as to what constitutes a true hypercar.

We consider the following to be some examples of hypercars:

Mercedes CLK GTR AMG
Koenigsegg Agera R
Ferrari FXX Enzo
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse
Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
Hennessey Venom GT
Porsche 918 Spyder (a Hybrid Hypercar)
Pagani Huayra
McLaren P1
Lamborghini Reventon

By comparison, we consider the following cars examples of supercars:

Ferrari 458 Italia
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera
Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing
Porsche GT2
Nissan GTR Black Edition
Audi R8 GT
Aston Martin V12 Vantage Coupe
Ferrari 599 GTB

Although there is a great deal of debate about the exact models that qualify as a supercar or hypercar, there are a few high-performance cars that are so amazing that not many would dare question their hypercar status.  For example, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, Koenigsegg Agera R, Caparo T1 or the Ferrari FXX Enzo would certainly go into the hyper car column.   Post a comment below and cast your vote on the best hypercar in the poll.

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  • Cool Guy

    No Lykan Hypersport?

    • Trey

      hyper car but i would like put that in the category with lamborghini veneno

    • It’s not all inclusive, just examples. I would add the Viper as supercar.

  • Izoto

    Nothing beats the Porsche 918, that car is a work of art.

    • Craig Lancaster

      Technically its beaten in quite a few areas, but as a sum of its parts its the best of them all. One you could live with on a daily basis to corner shop 🙂

  • Ron Sindric

    The listed vehicles are all toys for clueless idiots who have more money than they know what to do with. Driving is not about money, speed, acceleration and torque. Rather, it is a meld of being “one” with the road / environment and leaving as small a carbon and greenhouse gas “footprint” as possible. The “BEST SUPER-CAR” would have ZERO emissions, be comfortable, handle like a Dream and cost around $2,000.00 . Anything else would be fuelish and fatuous.

    • morramiermann

      “Driving is not about money, speed, acceleration and torque. Rather, it is a meld of being “one” with the road / environment and leaving as small a carbon and greenhouse gas “footprint” as possible.”

      lol. Thats just your oppinion. Stop taliking like its a fact.

    • Paxbush

      What rubbish! They are not toys. They are pieces of art and engineering that push and re-define the boundaries of private transport to the realm where mobility is no longer about getting from A to B but in the most exhilirating and indulgent experience. The destination becomes irrelevant because you’ve already arrived. Zero emmissions??? $2000??? Buy a Leaf!

      • Ron Sindric

        THEY ARE INDEED TOYS ! Designed for people who have more money than brains. These play-things are indeed exercises in extreme engineering. If you take any artifact and crudely throw a large amount of money at it, the results will be impressive to clueless people. A real challenge would be to match specs and handling of a “super-car” ( excuse me stupid-car ) in an “enlightened vehicle that costs a thousand USD. Besides how many people in the world are capable of USING the characteristics of these kinds of excess-mobiles ? Have YOU ever raced at IOM , Jerez , Imola ??? That would take a lot of training and a professional driver’s license which I am willing to bet you do NOT have !!!

        • Sure, they ARE toys. Much like mega yachts and personal aircraft. Super toys for the super rich that have absolutely no idea how to drive them anywhere near their limit. But the manufacturers don’t just throw money at them for the sake of making them more expensive.
          A good carbon fiber hood alone costs about $1000. There can never be a car that price, as the material costs alone are well north of that. No engineer or designer is going to work for free, and there are assembly costs…..

    • AvgJoe

      Ron, you must love the smell of your own farts. You talk about carbon footprints but it’s absurd to even consider any of the aforementioned cars when talking about carbon emissions. They are produced in such limited quantities. Take all of the Toyota Prius’ on the road and compare their emmissions output to all of the Koenigsegg’s, Pagani’s and McLaren’s (ALL MODELS) and tell me what you find. I don’t even need to research it and i can tell you which produces more. So,Ron, please stop. You sound silly. Remember, Envy is one of the seven deadly sins.

      • Ron Sindric

        AvgJoe, yes I am an Olde Faert squidgy on the edges and smelly if you stand down wind of me. OK, I am probably the fatuous one. My last prattle voiced that if enough money is thrown at anything, the result will be impressive specs, But I still maintain that TRUE ENGINEERING BRILLIANCE produces a reasonably priced vehicle chock full of driving innovations. I want a car that handles well, makes me feel one with the road and I can afford to insure. Oh, I might be asking too much these days, but I would also like to have a car that is long-term-reliable, and that I can wrench on myself. My main set of wheels is a ZERO S zf11.4 all electric motorcycle. It handles great, has plenty of torque, acceleration, AND a ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT. If you want a four-wheel tour deforce extreme, how ’bout the DRAYSON B 12/69 EV ( ). You might also want to look at the concept cars from RINSPEED ( ). Back to reasonable prices. I have a friend who races a gas TOYOTA MR2. His retirement project will be to build a high performance all electric MR2 of his own design. Now, that would be my personal ( opinion ) definition of a HYPERCAR 🙂

        • But a well balanced and engineered car is quite a different category from a hypercar. It sounds like you would want something like an electric Miata. Brilliantly connected, cheap, and zero at source emissions.
          Probably a fun car, but far from what is listed here. And the hypercars are generally going that way. All the top dogs are hybrids now, and will likely be electric in 10 years if Tesla has anything to say about it.

          • Ron Sindric

            Andy! I have to agree with you. Engineering AND Art fused into one Enlightened rolling whole Entity. You, like I obviously appreciarte the feel of the road, the taste of the wind, the sound of the surrounds. Driving without these is easy to to do in a 3D simulator. But, a 3D simulator is not the same. If someone gave me one of these so-called HYPERCARS, I would IMMEDIATELY trade it “even up” for a MORGAN 4/4 !

          • Pax Humana

            Your mother should have swallowed and your father should have pulled out sooner.

        • donkey sneakers

          If you think that electric vehicles don’t leave a carbon footprint, then you’re far less knowledgeable than you sound. How do you think we get the batteries that run said vehicles? You might want to do some research on the life of a car battery.

    • Dannisha Jones

      Ron you ARE an idiot! As do several other people on here believe. GO AWAY!

  • Ron Sindric

    Not rubbish; garbage TOYS for sure. Destination irrelevant ? FATUOUS opinion again not FACT. If you want SPEED, ACCELERATION and THRILL, go buy and fly a NASA F-104 ( ) ! The F-104 is a better reflection of engineering excellence and pushing the boundaries of “personal” mobility. Maybe thrill-seekers should get a backpack frame and strap a JATO BOTTLE to it ! I fail to see the logic in “getting from A to B” as it relates to the destination being irrelevant ” because you have already “arrived”. It doesn’t take a “rocket scientist or engineer” to realize that throwing a LARGE amount of money at anything produces the extreme. It takes TRUE BRILLIANCE to create high performance at a low cost ! All hail money ? I’ll take THINKING.

    • Dannisha Jones

      You Surely are one of the biggest idiots on the entire planet. Please go kill your self now WOW!!!!

      • Ron Sindric

        Brains. I am sure that if you tried to use the single brain cell you rent you would agree with me. Kill myself ? I don’t think so. An idiot like YOU will kill YOURSELF when you try to violate the laws of physics in one of these stupid-cars.

        • Dannisha Jones

          Violate the laws of physics Riiiight… Bwahaahaaa! Sounds like the ramblings of an insecure jealous broke ass hater. Have fun driving your 1999 Corolla homo lol.

          • Ron Sindric

            Denken ist gut; Sie sollten es mal ausprobieren. I have driven the AUTOBAHN at 130 mph and “Done the Ton” on a SPORTSTER, a BONNEVILLE, a BMW K100RS, and a KAWASAKI H1. My Enamorate is a PhD Experimental High Energy Physicist who rides a K1600 GTL. Oh, I am a pilot, SCUBA diver, skydiver, and retired faculty of an engineering school. I am sure YOU have an ass; I just wonder why you sold your brain to get a second one !

          • Dannisha Jones

            For one: SPEAK ENGLISH! Secondly… You FAIL at the game of life!!! Hahaha!

          • Pax Humana

            …and speaking of asses, here you are on this website. Also, no one gives a fuck if you are a high energy physicist, as well as a pilot, SCUBA diver, skydiver, and retired faculty of an engineering school or not because obviously if you were all of those things, instead of a dumb ass troll that is compensating for a extremely tiny dick and pair of balls, then would you not be smart and be doing one of those things in your life? Oh, wait, no, you are not because when they were handing out brains, you thought that they said “trains” and you tried to catch one.

    • Century series fighters were turds that killed their pilots. Couldn’t turn and had a 200 mph landing speed. Hardly a masterpiece.

  • t1oracle

    Hypercar = cost over $1 million USD.

    • Maybe. Exclusivity and cost are certainly factors.

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