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Chris Edwards has loved everything cars since he was rocking Pampers and a pacifier.  In his formative years, Chris spent much of his time soaking up one car magazine to the next ranging from Car & Driver to Truckin.  Since college, Chris has written a number of automotive articles.  His primary goal has been to entertain the reader while providing richly informative and accurate pieces.  As a product of the 90’s, many of Chris’s favorite cars are from this decade, although he appreciates all automotive eras.

Dream Cars: Ferrari F50, Hummer H1, Dodge Viper GTS (First gen), Toyota Supra Turbo & 1970 Boss 302

Top 10 Best Supercars of the 2000s

By the 2000’s the now well-established supercar had entered into a decade of fierce competition, particularly in terms of raw horsepower.  The Ferrari Enzo, named after company founder Enzo Ferrari, blasted off the decade with a whopping 650 horsepower.  While the Enzo was a relative engineering masterpiece with innovative features such as LED strips in the steering wheel indicating when to ...
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Top 10 Best Supercars of the 1990s

By the 1990s the supercar had established its niche of offering ultra high-performance, radical styling (although sometimes controversial) and stratospheric price tags. This decade built on the supercar craze on the 1980s and introduced second and even third generation supercars, such as the Ferrari F50 that came from a pedigree of Ferrari supercars including the F40 and 288 GTO.  In our ...
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Top 10 Best Supercars of the 1980s

The 1960’s saw the birth of the supercar with the Ford GT40 and Lamborghini Muira which paved the way for a progressive 1970’s movement towards more automakers adding an ultra high-performance and exotic supercar to their lineup or even entirely new dedicated supercar companies emerging.  With the exception of the 1987 stock market crash, the 1980’s was a relative economic boom time.  This ...
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What are the Worst Lemon Cars Ever Made?

Automakers from around the world have been producing lemon cars since the inception of the automobile.  Some lemons have proved to be total duds with not only terrible reliability, but also poor design and other reputation killing factors. Despite this, most lemon autos could have been great cars, if not for their costly reliability problems.  The 1970-79 Chevrolet Nova is a good example of a ...
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High-Tech Roads of the Future

The future of the automotive industry is bright.  New car technologies are pioneered each year that introduce thrilling new possibilities in automotive design and utility. One element of automotive progression that is often overlooked is the development of innovative future road technologies that aim to make our driving experience a little safer and convenient. It’s fun to think about how ...
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Top 10 Best Supercars of the 1970s

Many enthusiasts argue that the birthplace of the supercar revolution all started with the Ford GT40, while others insist that the 1960’s Lamborghini Miura was the true supercar pioneer.  Either way, 60’s high-performance cars such as these bread an ever-increasing number of supercars in the 1970s until the scene exploded in the 80s.  In the 1970s we finally saw many true street legal ...
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25 Ugliest American Cars Ever

Don’t get the wrong idea here.  We are huge American car fans and still drool over ZR1 Corvettes, GTS Vipers, classic 302 Boss Mustangs, etc, unfortunately every now and then U.S. car designers get their designs horribly wrong.  These ugly cars may be completely mechanically sound, reliable, fast, luxurious and packed with all sorts of other great qualities, but still revoltingly ugly ...
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Top Cars with Hidden Pop-up Headlights

Many car enthusiasts have enjoyed the sleek look of car pop-up headlights.  Although 178 models of cars have been manufactured with popup headlights; this type of headlight design is essentially obsolete today.  The practical benefit of pop-up headlamps was to allow a vehicle to be designed with a lower and sleeker front form than would be possible with the traditional upright design.  In ...
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Colorful Lamborghini Aventadors take on New York City

In the Youtube video below, four colorful Lamborghini Aventadors take on New York City. As if one Lambo Aventador wasn’t enough to make a solid video, the producers included four and each in amazing and unique colors. We already know that the Aventador is one of our favorite supercars of all-time, so the only thing in question is which color is our favorite. The new Lamborghini Aventadors in ...
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Are Cars Getting Bigger?

Are cars getting bigger in recent years? Yes, in the past 25 years or so cars have increased in size, although there are many contributing factors to this trend. First of all, there is likely a correlation between the rate of obesity and the ever increasing average size of cars and trucks. Obviously larger folks are going to prefer to purchase vehicles that comfortably accommodate their ...
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