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Chris Edwards has loved everything cars since he was rocking Pampers and a pacifier.  In his formative years, Chris spent much of his time soaking up one car magazine to the next ranging from Car & Driver to Truckin.  Since college, Chris has written a number of automotive articles.  His primary goal has been to entertain the reader while providing richly informative and accurate pieces.  As a product of the 90’s, many of Chris’s favorite cars are from this decade, although he appreciates all automotive eras.

Dream Cars: Ferrari F50, Hummer H1, Dodge Viper GTS (First gen), Toyota Supra Turbo & 1970 Boss 302

Google Maps Exotic Car Hunt

You’re probably already familiar with Google Maps as the tool to find you’re a local business, plan your trip route or see if the see if the Google Maps car caught you walking to get the newspaper in front of your home.  What you may have not considered is that exploring Google Maps can also be a great cure for boredom. Cruise down the street in Street View mode and you may discover a drug ...
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Fake Car Crash Wake-up Pranks

As practical jokes go, few are as easy to implement or effective at getting a good laugh than a good old fashioned fake car accident prank. As someone who has does this a time or two I can say that it’s a pretty funny car prank and a great thing to spice up that long boring road trip! The following two videos take the fairly popular fake car accident wake-up prank to the next level by ...
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The Real Lightning McQueen Car?

A couple months ago I arrived at my friends house in my red Corvette. As I went inside to sit down for dinner I noticed that Sam, my friends enthusiastic two year old, was proudly sporting Lightning McQueen jammies and clutching his prized Lightning McQueen blankie.  I commented on Sam's cool shirt and blanket as he subsequently smiled with pride.  Evidently at this point Sam and his older ...
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A Timeline of Cars in Movies

For guys like us, cars just make movies better.  Cars and movies have gone together well since the early days of Hollywood blockbuster movies simply because audiences can’t get enough of them.  Whether the movie car is involved in an extreme car chase, or the car has supernatural abilities, or it’s driven by a superhero, or whatever the case may be; the right cars add an interesting dimension ...
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Cops and Donuts – Why Do Cops Like Donuts?

  What is the deal with cops and donuts? There's always been an almost comical connection between police officers and donuts. So do cops like donuts or is this some kind of urban myth? Based solely on the photo I took at this Greenwich, CT donut shop one could establish that cops do like donuts seeing as how I caught a police officer eating a donut right as I took the picture. ...
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Brief History of the Ford Mustang

The following infographic shows a brief history of the Ford Mustang car. In our opinion the iconic Ford Mustang makes the short list of the best and most influential cars in American history.  The Ford Mustang was eventually created thanks to legendary Lee Iacocca's detailed vision in 1961.  His dream was for an automobile that cost less than $2,500, has front bucket seats, seats 4 occupants, ...
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Top Car Sites

Have you ever wondered what the most popular automotive websites are or how these top car sites compare to each other? We have compiled a list of the top 50 car sites in the world as of early 2012 and sorted them in descending order. Although all of these websites are automotive related, some are true auto enthusiast sites while others are simply popular auto insurance or top car dealer ...
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What is the Most Expensive Car?

Have you ever wondered which car company manufacturer's the most expensive car in the world? The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is currently the most expensive new car in the world with a base price of $2,426,904! For that price you could buy the following brand new cars and have money to spare: 1 2011 Ariel Atom 3 $49,980 2 2011 Audi R8 5.2 $149,000 3 2011 ...
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Best Places in America to Spot Exotic Cars

What is the best place in the USA to spot exotic sports cars, high end luxury cars and vintage dream cars?  We set out to answer that question by evaluating numerous American cities based on per capita income, population density, proximity to high-end dealers, recorded exotic car sightings and more.  Below is a list, broken down by state, consisting of what we determined to be the best US ...
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Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

Check out this amazing 2011 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe spotted in (of course) Beverly Hills California.  Rodeo Drive sees its fair share of exotic high-end cars, but even still, this mustard yellow Rolls is sure to still turn a fair share of the local aristocratic shopper's heads. The car is owned by the family of the now deceased Bijan Pakzad, who was renowned as the most expensive ...
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