2012 Hot Rod Power Tour Car Show In Stillwater OK

Hot Rod Power Tour

For those of you that are not in the Hot Rod car scene, the Hotrod Power Tour is an annual, multi-state rolling tribute to the classic performance car and hotrod. Organized by Hotrod Magazine, the 2012 Hotrod Power Tour started in Detroit Michigan and will end in Arlington, Texas one week later. This tour is for the car guys that have hot rods and muscle cars that they want to enjoy on the open road and in the company of fellow classic car connoisseurs. No trailer queen cars allowed! At the Stillwater, OK car show stop there appeared to be over 2,000 of some of the most desirable (and valuable) classic American muscle cars, pony cars, hot rods and other classics. Mixed into the Hotrod Power Tour were some modern muscle and sports cars as well such as ZR1 Corvettes, Dodge Vipers, Shelby GT500 Mustangs, and a Ford GT. Many of the cars will not make the entire journey and will simply join the pack for a day or two within their regional area. The 2012 Hot Rod Power Tour Car Show in Stillwater, OK was hosted on the Oklahoma State University campus which provided ample parking for the classic cars and hot rods. Evidently the car show was supposed to take place at the KICKER Audio headquarters on the other side of town, but was moved due to heavy rains the night before. We would say that the Stillwater car show was a success as it drew a fairly substantial crowd to the event.


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