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Best Car Commercials

Best Car Commercials

What are the best car commercials? Well, honestly we are highly biased, but nonetheless we have selected 4 car commercials that we feel stand apart from the rest each in their own unique way. The BMW car commercial, however, was actually a promo car video that you had to request from BMW to send you a DVD and was never aired on TV. All of these best car commercials have the common denominator of certainly costing a great deal of money to produce.  Although the Chrysler car commercial may not have cost as much as the BMW commercial to make; it was likely the most expensive to air since it originally aired during the Super Bowl for 1 full minute – costing several million dollars.  The Ferrari FF promo video obviously cost a pretty penny considering the helicopter camera angles and global settings. One thing is for certain regarding these best car commercials; car manufacturers are upping the ante with car commercials and special promo videos and spending more and more each year in an effort to create a more lasting impression than “the other guys”.  If you think there should have been other car commercials listed then let us know!

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